Hybrid Homes

Adding a touch of log and timber frame accents to your home

Many people today are looking for the warm rustic feel that you get from a log home, but don't necessarily want a traditional log house.

At Sitka, we have been leading the way in log and timber accent work for years. This style of building is also referred to as "hybrid" log homes. The creative freedom we enjoy doing this specialty work is very rewarding. We offer log and timber frame pieces, often mixing these two styles and crafting them together for breathtaking results.

Log and timber frame pieces can include structural and/or non-structural log trusses, posts, rafters, floor joists, log siding, stairs, purlins, structural decks, handrails, mantles...and the list goes on.

Here are some examples of hybrid homes that we have done.

Hybrid log house hybrid house bedroom timber frame hybrid house scissor trusses in hybrid house log siding in hybrid house variety of logs used in this hybrid house Dead-standing timber is an environmentally sound choice for a hybrid house hybrid log lodge Click on images to view

Check out this link to see a complete hybrid house built to look like a full log house.
Complete Hybrid Log House Project

Log Siding

Our log siding is 10 to 12 inches in width and is from 2 1/2 to 4 inches thick. It comes edged so that the width is consistant from one end to the other. We can also by-pass the edging to give a more natural tapered look as well, although this would have to be cauked or chinked at the seams. Traditionally log columns of 14 inch diameter are placed at the corners vertically for the siding to butt into. These are 3/4 cut so they can be placed on the corners easily. We refer to these as "pac-man" corners. Contact us for pricing.

log siding

Before and after pictures. Log accent components added to the 100 Mile House Municipal Government offices.
Regular frame homes receive log or timber accents

Sitka Log Homes was asked to beautify the local 100 Mile House municipal government building.
Log siding was added to the outside and log trusses over the entrances gave some height for a more interesting roof line. The original building had brick and vinyl siding before the log accents and log siding were applied. Once log siding replaced the old cladding it gave the building a rich new look.

A small lakeside cabin was run down and needed a new look, but the footprint was not allowed to be changed. Adding timber trusses above the deck made a huge difference to the same cabin.

A regular framed house was in desperate need of a style update. Sitka Log Homes can provide timber accents for a new look. This is a great example of how wood in the form of timber accents adds warmth.

White vinyl siding on this regular framed house with small support columns gets a new look with log accents. The white vinyl siding is replaced with log siding and the columns are replaced with large cedar posts with flared ends. Now this regular framed house looks like a real log home.