Floor Plans by Sitka Log Homes

At Sitka Log Homes we are custom log home builders and generally build from our customers ideas and their own log home plans or plans they have had drawn up by their architect. All of the log home and timber frame home pictures on our site are custom designed homes and at times the homeowner may not wish to share their unique plan. We respect their decision and so apologize in advance if we are unable to offer you plans for a particular home that caught your eye on our site.

As custom handcrafted log home builders, it does not make sense to offer a whole book of log home plans to our customers when we rarely, if ever, build the same house twice.

However, we understand the need to have a starting point and so we have shared a few of our past log home plans as our "sample" plans. These are helpful to give you some ideas for possible floor plan layouts as well as to give you an idea of our pricing when you request a price quote for them.

In addition, we've included some graph paper for you to sketch out your own ideas which you can email to us or fax to 250-791-6650 for a quote and some design suggestions. Please remember to include room dimensions, wall heights and which, if any, interior walls you would like to be log. We can also quote on any other log home plans (or regular framed home floor plans) you may come across in your search for your dream log home.

To view and download all of our sample floor plans: Click Here