Our Blueprint Service

As we begin designing your log home, it is always helpful to provide us with as much information as possible (sketches, pictures, ideas, etc). Basic building requirements are always met, but you should check with your local building department as to what their requirements are. Some items of note are foundation depths, snow load, height restrictions and engineering requirements. These tend to be the most common issues with plan submittals to the permitting department. With this in hand, we can proceed designing your log home plans as per local codes and as “builder ready” as possible.

We will provide you with 2 preliminary sets of plans for you to make modifications to. This will give you two opportunities to make changes to your plans.

The first set will be based on what you have provided our firm to start with. It will include a main floor plan, loft plan, as well as the exterior elevations. Room sizes will also be indicated.

We will then forward to you via mail, or e-mail if you have access to a plotter, 2 copies of the plans. You can then make notes (preferably with a red pen) on both sets of the plans, and send one copy back to our firm. This allows us to discuss any of the notes over the phone, while both referencing the same information. Thereafter we will make the first set of revisions.

We will then send you another 2 copies of the plans with the first revisions made, as well as the foundation plan, cross-sections and the details. Again, mark your notes on both copies and send one copy back to our firm. This is the final set of revisions so please review your plans very carefully to ensure this is the final plan you envision.

Thereafter, we will make the final revisions and send you 5 copies of a complete set of “builder ready” log home plans.


If there is engineering required, you will have to forward the plans to the engineer you are working with. We can recommend an engineer in most areas of the US and Canada. The cost of an engineer should be less if the engineer is not required to do on-site visits.

Check out our Sample Plans page

What's Included

Foundation Plan:
(Typical Scale: 1/4" = 1’) Drawing showing the layout of footings, stem walls, posts & beams, etc.

Detailed Floor Plans:

(Typical Scale: 1/4" = 1’) Drawings showing the log wall layout of each floor in your log home. As well as detailed information regarding the placement of such things as interior partition walls, windows & doors, appliances, roof lines, etc. The floor plans clearly show necessary dimensions and specifications.

Exterior Elevations:

(Typical Scale: 1/4" = 1’) Drawings showing the exterior views of your log (typically four). As well as exterior materials such as roofing, log species, windows & doors, stone, trim, etc.


(Typical Scale: 1/4"-1/2” = 1’) Elevation drawings showing the log home as if it were sliced from the foundation to the roof. Typically three sections are provided, but it depends on the size and complexity of the building. These sections are placed at locations that display how various parts of the log home are put together.


Typical Scales: 1/2"-1” = 1’) These drawings generally include necessary log to framing connections, settling details, window & door details, a detailed section of a log wall, etc.


All plans will begin with a detailed quotation including the base price of the finished set of plans. Please keep in mind the initial quote will be based on the square footage of the rough layout. Therefore the final price may change should the square footage change.

Terms are 50% before we start your log home or timber frame plans. The balance will be due prior to shipment of the final set of 5-copies.

Extra charges apply for these items:

  • Additional revisions to preliminary plans. (more than 2)
  • Framing plans, electrical layout.
  • Extra plotting, copies and shipping.
  • The addition of engineering details and/or specifications.