Design Process

Each of our homes is custom designed to meet our clients’ unique style, to compliment the building site they have chosen and to fit within their budget.

We offer an in-house design team supported by our experience and proven design ideas in log home construction. Creativity and practical design layout make for a perfect combination of ideas culminating in a cost effective, beautifully handcrafted log home.

Supported by engineers that specialize in log and timber construction, you won’t be charged for over-engineering or the inexperience of those not familiar with wood structures.

Shop drawings are available on request in addition to regular design work.

We work directly with you, your architect or designer, and your general contractor to create a home specific to your needs offering dependable and ongoing construction consultation.

Before Beginning Your Design:

The property you will build on very often determines what your design layout will be.

The size of the lot, the grade, if there is a view you want to take advantage of, etc, all of these aspects effect what your design will be in the end. This is where you should begin.

Realistic budgets are your next step.

Be sure you do your homework regarding your expected costs. We can give you a cost estimate on the log work that we will supply for your home, but that price is only for the log package. Be prepared by having a few general contractors supply estimates with break-downs on the finishing of your home.

The first question most people ask us is how much do your homes cost per square foot?

The reason this is so difficult to answer is because our log homes are not priced by square foot, but rather by the type of wood used, the amount of notches cut, the complexity of the design, the height of the walls, how many interior walls are log, the complexity of the roof system, etc.
There are many different components to be considered when pricing your log shell. When it comes to the price per square foot for a finished home, the variables grow even more. Do you want a Bosch dishwasher or a Sears Kenmore? They are the same square footage, yet the price is remarkably different. Do you plan on high end finishes (flooring, appliances, built in sound systems, alarm system, wood burning stove, chandeliers, etc.) or will you choose moderately priced finishes? These are all considered when figuring out a “cost per square foot”.
I know your heads are going up and down, but you still want an idea of the price of a log home per square foot. When asked all we can do is offer you an estimate based on homes we have built in the past with a range from moderately priced to very high end.

Will you hire an architect or use our in house design service?

Either way we will work closely with everyone involved in the exchanging of ideas resulting in a unique home as well as ensuring a design that will work.

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