Unique Projects by Sitka Log Homes

  • Log house in Sun Peaks Resort
    Sun Peaks Resort Log Accent HomeA beautiful log home nestled in the mountains at Sun Peaks Resort
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  • Log house on working ranch acreage
    Log Home on Ranch AcreageA modern log home in the middle of a real working ranch
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  • Log house in Torino, Italy
    BC Canada Place Built to showcase what BC has to offer for the 2006 Olympic Games in Torino, Italy
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  • Log lodge at Snowbasin Resort
    Snowbasin Resort Lodges Three large log lodges built at various elevations for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah
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  • home show display log house
    Full Log House Within A Stadium With time limits and height restrictions a full log house is erected within a stadium.
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  • log house at Roaring River Ranch
    Roaring River Ranch A unique log home on a beautiful ranch in California.
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  • hybrid log home
    Hybrid Log House Looks like a full log house, but this home is actually a log hybrid home.
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  • Corones small log cabins
    Small Log Cabins Log cabins in Northern Italy and Whistler. Take a look at some of our smaller log projects.
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Sitka In The News
Over the years Sitka Log Homes has been featured in various types of media.
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Did You Know?
You can easily add log and timber accents to any home.

There is an increasing trend towards adding log detail to new or existing conventional homes. In addition, many homeowners are mixing timber work with log work and the result is very pleasing. If you want to simply add some log or timber as a focal point for your home we can build fireplace mantles, decorative or structural trusses, ridge beams, purlins, post columns, stairs, etc,. Handcrafted log accents or special large timberwork offers a unique way to add character and beauty to your home.

Handcrafted logs are a great natural insulator.

Logs themselves are very good natural insulators and radiate back into your home warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. The calculation is R = 1.25 per square inch. Our 12" to 14" logs are giving you a wall with an R-value of 15 to 17.5.

photo gallery of log homes and timber homes
View Our Photo Gallery Our photo gallery offers a wide selection of pictures of log homes, log cabins, timber frame homes and hybrid homes. You'll also find log mantles, log picnic tables and other unique log and timber products built by Sitka Log Homes.
Researching log homes
Researching Log Homes? Check out our FAQ page. Also, be sure to read the many articles we have posted. For example, learn the difference between handcrafted log homes and milled log homes.